Share Your Story With Heart of Illinois United Way

Share Your Story With Heart of Illinois United Way

We invite you to share your story, photos, and videos with the Heart of Illinois United Way. We use a platform called MemoryFox that allows you to easily share your United Way memories and allows us to keep content organized and secure.

Ready to share?

  1. Enter the code we shared with you.
  2. Click the SHARE NOW button below and on the screen, enter the code for the opportunity for which you are sharing content.
  3. The first time you SHARE, you will create a free account with your name and email (phone number is optional.) After that, the system remembers you so you can login, making future sharing even easier!
  4. Follow the MemoryFox prompts to share your content.


Share Your Story with Heart of Illinois United Way

Tips for Sharing: Action Prompts

Once logged in to Memory Fox (, you can press the plus icon, which is usually located in the lower right of the screen, to get started adding your content!


  • MemoryFox accepts multiple file formats.
  • Higher resolution images are better.
  • You can take a photo/selfie directly within MemoryFox or upload photos from your device/files.
  • To add more than one photo, press the plus icon to add more.


  • Capture/share content in landscape mode for best results.
  • Each United Way MemoryFox share opportunity has its own video requirements specified upon entering the code or logging into MemoryFox (length, etc.).
  • MemoryFox accepts multiple file formats but MP4 or MOV files are preferred.
  • You can record your video/memory live from the MemoryFox app or upload your prerecorded/prepared video.
  • It may take a few minutes for your video(s) to be processed.
  • To add more than one video, press the plus icon to add more.


  • In addition to videos and photos, share up to 250 characters.
  • Include date, organization, location/event, etc. for your uploaded photos or videos if applicable.