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Rebuilding Hope After a Natural Disaster Contributors

The writing team of Rebuilding Hope After a Natural Disaster: Pathways to Emotional Healing and Recovery includes a diverse group of tornado survivors, emotional health specialists, educators, community members and Heart of Illinois United Way staff. Special thanks are given to the many voices that guided the “real-life” strategies.

Rebuilding Hope Committee

Andrea Bowers, Washington, Illinois
Tornado Survivor

Andrea is an early childhood educator. She serves at the Heart of Illinois United Way.

Corey Campbell, Peoria, Illinois
Project Manager/Human Service Center

Corey is a licensed clinical social worker. He oversees the Mobile Wellness and Recovery Project at Human Service Center in Peoria, Illinois.

Tegan Hewitt, Peoria, Illinois
Director of Behavioral Health Services/Children’s Home

Tegan is a licensed clinical professional counselor. She teaches psychology at Illinois Central College and serves as Director of Behavioral Health at The Children’s Home in Peoria, Illinois.

Nancy Hinnen, Peoria, Illinois
Tornado Relief Project Coordinator, Heart of Illinois United Way

Nancy is an educator who coordinates early learning math and social-emotional-behavioral health initiatives for Heart of Illinois United Way.

Jan Leonard, Peoria, Illinois
Supporting Student Success (S3) Project Coordinator/Heart of Illinois United Way

Jan is an educator who coordinates Supporting Student Success (S3), a Kindergarten-Grade 12 social-emotional learning initiative for the Heart of Illinois United Way.

Kevin McClure, Peoria, Illinois
President and Clinical Director, AEON Social Emotional Health

Kevin’s work within the educational system and children’s mental health community during the last decade has included learning alongside clients the supports needed to survive and overcome life’s challenges.

Tricia O’Neal, Pekin, Illinois
Director of Clinical Services, Tazwood Center for Wellness

Tricia is a licensed clinical professional counselor with experience providing mental health services to children, adolescents, and adults in both the office and school setting. She supervises the outpatient mental health programs at Tazwood Center for Wellness.

Gail Owen, Tazewell County, Illinois
Tazewell County Regional Superintendent of Schools

Gail is a life-long educator having taught elementary, middle school, high school and at the university levels. Serving as the Regional Superintendent of Schools for the County places Gail in a unique position to assist school districts and community partnerships to address specific needs and enhance quality of life for all residents.

Brenda Smith, Washington, Illinois
Director/SAL Child Care Connection Resource and Referral and Tornado Survivor

Brenda assists families in finding and covering the costs of quality child care through her management of the SAL Child Care Connection Resource and Referral Agency.

Pam Tomka, Washington, Illinois
Retired Director/Washington District Library

Pam is a community volunteer for several organizations, including Heart of Illinois United Way. Recently retired, she has served as a librarian for 30 years.

Special thanks to Andrea Bowers, Rob Brown, Marilyn Gee, Dan Learned, Brenda Smith, and the following students and families of Tazewell County for opening our eyes and hearts to the emotional journey of tornado survivors:

Lexi Adams
Beau Bailey
Taylor Broadstone
Jake Clark
Megan Cook
Kaitlyn DeWitt
Michelle Escue
Aaliyah Goble
Briannah Harrison
Ellie Hipp
Drake Jackson
Christian Juarez
Mark LaHood
Allie Malcom
Emma Michelfelder
Chloe Milot
Noah Patton
Lydia Puentes
Kaylee Reilly
Kelsie Roth
Jeshua Sistrunk
Jacob Spring
Tawnee Sutherland
Connor Widder
Madison Wilson
Rachel Zwilling

The Heart of Illinois United Way appreciates Burdess & Associates, Inc. and Kevin May Photography for their creative design of this book.


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