Through initiatives and collaborations, the Heart of Illinois United brings together nonprofit organizations, schools, business, labor and government to address critical health and human care needs in central Illinois.

Peoria Area Community Assessment

2017 Peoria Area Community AssessmentThe Heart of Illinois United Way’s Peoria Area Community Assessment highlights critical needs in the six-county Peoria region focused on the areas of education, financial stability and health. In 2017, our organization collaborated with Dr. Laurence Weinzimmer at Bradley University to conduct the assessment. Published every three years, the assessment’s data provides critical information that enables United Way to effectively identify, assess and support key areas of social concern, as well as strengthen our ability to provide leadership to the region.

Download the published assessment
Our thanks to Central Illinois Business Publishers for producing our 2017 Peoria Area Community Assessment.
2017 Peoria Area Community Assessment
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Download Dr. Weinzimmer’s Full Study
Heart of Illinois United Way Community Assessment
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If referencing the published assessment and the full study, please note the year of the data reported in both documents as some data were updated in the publishing process.

About Dr. Weinzimmer

Dr. Larry Weinzimmer

Dr. Weinzimmer, Caterpillar Inc. Professor of Management at Bradley University, is a sought-after business advisor to numerous Fortune 100 companies and author of four books including two best sellers. His most recent book was ranked #1 on the Barnes & Noble Best Sellers List, #3 on the Wall Street Journal Best Sellers List, and rated the top leadership book in North American for 2013 by Axiom Inc. In 2016, Business Insider released its “20 Best Business Books You Must Read Once in Your Lifetime” and Dr. Weinzimmer’s book was ranked at #14. Dr. Weinzimmer is frequently interviewed in leading business outlets, including Fortune, the New York Times, Executive Excellence, and Fast Company, and has been interviewed by leading national news networks, including FNN, Fox Business, CNBC, CNN, ABC, and NBC Nightly News.