Our Work in Health

Access to healthcare promotes wellness for all ages

The Heart of Illinois United Way is focused on ensuring the people of central Illinois have access to quality, affordable healthcare. The health and well-being of our citizens is a strong indicator of the health of our community.

United Way funded health programs provide:

  • Screenings and treatment for physical and mental health needs to improve overall health
  • Support and crisis intervention to improve individual and family stability
  • Nutrition, physical fitness, and substance abuse education to improve healthy choices

Impact Highlights: Community Health Highlight 1 - Eyesight

“I had a stroke in my early twenties and it permanently damaged my eyesight. I lost my job at a preschool because my vision was too blurry and I couldn’t manage my depth perception. With mobility training and new magnification tools, my job coach is helping me apply for work at a new preschool.” – Young adult participating in a United Way funded health treatment program

  • More than 90% of youth and adults who received treatment from Heart of Illinois United Way funded health programs improved their physical health.Community Health Highlight 2 - Baby Crisis

“My daughter is in the hospital for her mental health. I took my grandbaby in but I work full time. I needed help until I could find affordable daycare. The agency provided emergency childcare and helped me find a daycare program. Because of them, I have kept my grandchild out of the welfare system until my daughter gets better.” – Grandparent who used a United Way funded crisis program

  • More than 95% of families receiving Heart of Illinois United Way funded case management services improved their health and well-being through coordination of services and community support.Community Health Highlight 3 - Family Eating

“We didn’t have any fresh fruits or vegetables at home. My after school program started sending me home with a backpack full of food and recipes each Friday night. Now every weekend, my family and I cook lots of healthy meals together.” – Student of a family participating in a United Way funded nutritious meal program

  • More than 93% of youth and adults who participated in Heart of Illinois United Way funded health education classes increased their knowledge about healthy eating, exercise, and more.

For a complete list of United Way Funded Health-Related programs, click here.