Our Work in Financial Stability

Improving financial stability increases independence

The Heart of Illinois United Way is focused on ensuring individuals and families achieve financial stability. To ensure people can thrive, our work focuses on providing opportunities to get them on their feet again and helping during emergencies and crises.

United Way funded financial stability programs provide:

  • Basic needs and support for housing and more
  • Work-force skills to improve employability
  • Life-skills and financial management education
  • Legal assistance to address individual and family crises

Impact Highlights:financial Stability Highlight 1 Home Dog

“I was struggling to find a job in retail, I needed a driver’s license, and my support dog needed vaccinations so I could stay in my apartment. The outreach staff helped me with my job search and got me back on track with vet services I didn’t know about.” – Adult participating in a United Way funded supportive employment program

  • More than 95% of adults who participated in Heart of Illinois United Way funded vocational and supportive employment programs increased their knowledge of community resources and improved their financial stability.Financial Stability Highlight 2 Life Skills

“I had been homeless since I was 19 and didn’t know where to start. My case manager helped me apply for benefits and create a budget for the first time. She also helped me learn how to cook for myself and clean my new apartment.” – Young adult participating in a United Way funded supportive housing program

  • More than 96% of adults who participated in Heart of Illinois United Way funded life-skills programs maximized their independence.Financial Stability Highlight 3 - Grandparents in the Home

“When we adopted our grandchildren, we only had a small two bedroom home. The agency helped us learn how to budget for a down payment. Just before Christmas last year, we moved into our new home. Our grandkids have their own rooms now and are doing well in their new schools.” – Grandparents in a United Way funded housing program

  • More than 99% of low-income adults and families who participated in Heart of Illinois United Way funded housing programs improved their safety and wellness by connecting to community resources.

For a complete list of United Way Funded Financial Stability-Related programs, click here.