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Generation United

Generation United  offers great opportunities to connect, serve and lead.

What is GENeration United?

GENeration United (GEN U) is a group of emerging leaders partnering with the Heart of Illinois United Way to engage in meaningful activities that address the needs of our community and support personal and professional development. We are looking for energetic leaders ages 23-45 to join our efforts to build a stronger community through volunteering, networking, and workplace leadership.

What is the Goal of GEN U?

To connect, serve and lead the community through engaging with like-minded professionals at networking events, volunteer opportunities and leadership training.


Network with other professionals and participate in fun social opportunities. CONNECT by participating in:

Generation United - find us on Facebook
  • The GEN U Mad Dash
  • United Way Special Events
  • Wine Tastings, Tacos & Trivia, etc.


Give back to the community by engaging in volunteer opportunities with local professionals. SERVE the community through:

  • Monthly Volunteer Projects
  • United Way's Day of Caring
  • Agency Special Events


Become a community leader and develop personally and professionally. LEAD your community, company, and peers by engaging in:

  • Leadership Luncheons and Programs
  • Workplace Leadership
  • Agency Tours

For more information about GEN U, contact Dominic Vallosio at 309-674-5181, ext. 254 or dominic.vallosio@unitedway.org

Gen U Events & Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to check out upcoming GEN U events and volunteer opportunities!